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Project Koru
Project Koru, formerly Athletes 4 Cancer, is dedicated to harnessing the healing power of the elements with the determination of the human spirit to impact lives affected by cancer.

Our Vision

Project Koru runs adventure-therapy retreats for cancer fighters and survivors. These retreats promote a healthy model for survivorship, aiming to grow survivor confidence and self-esteem by providing an attainable platform for personal success, self-growth, and achievement.Cancer survivors face unique challenges after cancer, with life turning upside down physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Cancer may have spared these individual their lives, but the scars left behind are often more severe than the fight itself.

Athletes 4 Cancer is focused on renewing, rebuilding, and restarting lives after cancer. We recognize an immediate need for viable resources and survivorship-focused programs in our community.

The A4C Survivorship Program consists of adventure-therapy retreats that promote a healthy model for survivorship, aiming to grow survivor confidence and self-esteem by providing an attainable platform for personal success, self-growth, and achievement.

Camps run for 6 days, and are set in locations accommodating a safe learning environment for participants. Survivors are given the proper tools, professional instruction, and focused encouragement required to take on new challenges in a safe and controlled setting, such as – surfing, standup paddling, outrigger canoeing, and snowboarding.

The experience is not faced alone. Athletes 4 Cancer programs maintain the common theme of strength in numbers, by utilizing the benefits of forming strong peer relationships. The support provided by fellow campers and focused staff is an integral element of our program. The camps serve as a vehicle to channel strength, promote renewal, and fuel passion for a healthy and productive life ahead. And best of all, survivors leave inspired to pass it forward to other survivors going through the same battles.

A4C camps are FREE for accepted applicants to attend. No, you do not have to be any sort of athlete to attend! We accept all levels of physical fitness and ability! Airfare is not included.

April 1-7: Maui, Hawaii - Surfing & Standup Paddling (SUP) by Team Duke
April 15-21: Mt. Hood Oregon - Snowboarding!!
October 7-15: Maui, Hawaii - Outrigger Canoeing as part of the Lanai Channel Voyage with Paddle 4 Hope. Fundraise a minimum of $1000 to attend this incredible experience.
October 18-24: Maui, Hawaii - Surfing & Standup Paddling (SUP)
October 28-Nov. 3: Maui, Hawaii - Surfing & Standup Paddling (SUP)
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