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OCTOBER 28, 2019 Lenalidomide may delay onset of myeloma-related bone, organ damage by Mayo Clinic Lenalidomide may delay the onset of ...more
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I Had Cancer
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I Had Cancer is a social support network with the mission of helping people deal more effectively with life before, during and after cancer.

I Had Cancer was created by Mailet Lopez (a cancer survivor) and the team at Squeaky Wheel Media in New York City. Like many projects, I Had Cancer was made possible not only by the involvement of countless people who had the passion to change the way people deal with cancer, but also because of a unique set of circumstances:

While undergoing treatment for Type 2B breast cancer, Mailet realized that there was a serious problem that accompanied dealing with cancer that even she -- she of a loving and devoted support network -- couldn't escape: the feeling of isolation and confusion that accompanied the disease and her treatment.
After surviving her battle with Cancer, Mailet wanted to help the next person who was affected so she chronicled her experience and created a blog to connect with people who wanted to talk about their experience with the disease.
Instantly, upon learning of Mailet's blog, her partners at Squeaky Wheel Media became involved and channeled Mailet's vision in a much bigger way. By harnessing the power of social media and the resources of a seasoned interactive team I Had Cancer was born.

I Had Cancer allows cancer survivors, fighters and those newly diagnosed and their supporters, the friends & families of those affected to connect with one another and share their stories and experience of dealing with the deadly disease. Because every 23 seconds someone in the US is diagnosed with cancer and for these people and their loved ones that feeling of isolation isn’t going to go away on its own.

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