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Children and Adult Rural Transportation SystemC.A.R.T.S. Medical Transportation
Children and Adult Rural Transportation System

C.A.R.T.S. Medical Transportation


325 Columbia St
Hudson, NY

This program is designed to provide medical transportation to low-income individuals who lack any other means of getting to a medical appointment.

If you need help getting to a health-related appointment, call us to see if you qualify.

The Healthcare Consortium's Children and Adults Rural Transportation Service (C.A.R.T.S.) has quarters in the county human services building at 325 Columbia Street in Hudson. The service has a new phone and fax number and can be reached at (518) 822-8020 or fax (518) 828-1479.
We provide services to:

Residents living on a fixed income such as Social Security Income or Disability Insurance.
Eligible Medicaid participants who have prior approval from Social Services.
Residents unable to afford or access public transportation services in their residential area.
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