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Just a little physical activity pays big dividends ...
MAY 21, 2020 Just a little physical activity pays big dividends to high risk breast cancer patients by SWOG Just a little physical acti ...more
Some patients with bladder cancer 'can't wait' for ...
MAY 21, 2020 Some patients with bladder cancer 'can't wait' for treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic by IOS Press Bladder cancer is ...more
Boosting the power of immunotherapy for more effec ...
MAY 19, 2020 Boosting the power of immunotherapy for more effective cancer treatment by Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Adoptive T cell ...more
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Oral Cancer Awareness Foundation
Dr. Larry Hamburg, after being diagnosed and treated for Stage IV Oral Cancer, decided to be an advocate for those facing oral cancer, and in March 2007, established the Oral Cancer Awareness Foundation.

Founded in 2007, The Oral Cancer Awareness Foundation is an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to educating both the public and the professional health community about the alarming need for increased early detection of this horrible disease in order to provide improved outcomes of those diagnosed.

Through the use of speaking engagements in both public and professional areas, coupled with traditional and emerging media vehicles, we aim to educate regarding the use and application of various early detection devices that are expected to decrease the morbidity and mortality rates of those diagnosed.

We know we can make a difference if we simply catch the disease earlier, thereby drastically increasing the 5-year survival rate.
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The Flu Vaccine Does Not Cause the Flu
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Stupid Cancer Peer to Peer App ...
Stupid Cancer's mobile app connects you to a network of peers who understand what you're going through. They've been there, too. You have a right to  ...more