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Pink- Pockets
Diane Ungurs LeBleu developed Pink Pockets after experiencing drain discomfort firsthand following a bilateral mastectomy in January 2009 for breast cancer. Nurses and patients have been using safety pins to attach surgical drains to hospital gowns and garments following mastectomies and other breast surgeries for years. It has been a fact of life – and an uncomfortable one to be sure – and there are a number of other methods on the market designed by breast cancer survivors or other medical practitioners addressing what is a real dilemma for patients. However, most of these solutions are expensive – special gowns and shirts with pockets sewn inside start at $30 and can cost up to $80. Surgical drains are usually in place for ten days to two weeks, on the average, and dealing with these extra ‘appendages’ can be painful and problematic.

Safety pins and pain pills do not mix. Pinning and unpinning these clumsy drains from your clothing several times a day can be maddening for both patients and caregivers. In this age of amazing adhesives, Diane developed a simple, comfortable, convenient solution to the problem. Pink Pockets are worn right inside your own clothing. When you want to feel as normal and as comfortable as you possibly can after a major surgical procedure. Pink Pockets provide a big comfort at a small price.

Testimonials: "My mother underwent a bilateral mastectomy last Thursday and her care has been made so much easier and more comfortable due to Pink Pockets. They are so easy to use and incredibly cute. If only they were able to stick to her during bathing time they would be perfect. We need Pink Pockets shower time. ;) They laundered well, staying adhered ready for the next use. I am so glad that I came across these. They have truly made a difference in her comfort and how she feels. Thank you". Kristy, Snellville, GA
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