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American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge -New York City
(212) 492-8400
132 West 32nd Street
New York, New York 10001

Staying at the Hope Lodge

Eligibility Requirements for Patients

Must have a one-hour or longer commute to their treatment center
Must be receiving active outpatient cancer treatment
Must be able to care for themselves, evacuate the premise in case of
an emergency and cook and clean for themselves (or do so with the
assistance of their caregiver)
If staying without a caregiver, must have a signed letter from the doctor
indicating ability to care for self.

Eligibility Requirements for Caregivers

Must be able to care for patient including preparing meals and cleaning, helping patient get to and from treatment, assisting in evacuation from the premise in case of emergency, and secure medical assistance in case of emergency

Eligibility Requirements for All Guests

Must be at least 18 years of age
Must have a permanent home address
Must be free of communicable diseases and determined to be
Must sign a general release and waiver of liability form
Must adhere to all Hope Lodge policies
If potential guests meet the eligibility requirements, they should contact
their social worker. A social worker will complete a referral form and
send it to Hope Lodge. A completed referral form does not guarantee a
reservation. Once the referral form is received at Hope Lodge, the
potential guest will be contacted regarding their status.

All patients and caregivers must sign liability release and policy/rules forms upon arrival. Residency at Hope Lodge is a courtesy extended at the sole discretion of the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge. Such courtesy may be withdrawn or a room change may occur without notice should Hope Lodge circumstances so warrant.

Admission Process
To stay at the Hope Lodge, you must be referred by your medical center's social worker. Your social worker will need to fill out a referral form to coordinate placing your name on our waiting list. It is advisable to initiate the referral process well in advance of the first date of treatment, as patients are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.Once the referral form is received at Hope Lodge, the potential guest will be contacted regarding their status.

What to Bring

Food and drink
Hair dyer
Transportation to and from treatment
Personal items, such as pictures or mementos to make your room feel like home
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